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ROBOTIC FOOTPRINTS TRANSPOD iPad Stand, Speaker & Battery Extender


ROBOTIC FOOTPRINTS TRANSPOD iPad Stand, Speaker & Battery Extender

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The sky is the limit when you have the ROBOTIC FOOTPRINTS…TRANS PODiPad Stand that has built-in HD speakers which work via Bluetooth an Extended charger that will charge your iPad 100% with 5200 mAh and much more.

The Trans pod quickly transforms to the desired position and angle best suitable for you it has HD Voice speakers built-in its arms that deliver a crisp clear loud sound that will enhance your iPad experience. The speakers are NFC compliant with Bluetooth so you never need to worry about connecting them again to the speakers. You can turn the speakers off if not required. You will like the Trans pod so much that you will use your iPad more often and that means you will need a battery power extender. The Trans pod will help you do that it will charge your iPad 100% so you can use another 4 to 6 hours uninterrupted.

You will love your Trans pod so much that if you ever left it in a cafe or in a place you last use it comes with APP for your iPad or smartphone that keeps track of the last 10 places you used your Trans pod.

When you are all done with Trans pod it will neatly fold away to almost like a small magician’s wand and can tuck away in a bag or a purse. made from lightweight space-age aluminum it is lightweight and delivers some heavyweight features. Trans pod will be the last stand you will buy for your iPad or a tablet as it is compatible with iPad 2/3/4 Air, mini, and Samsung TAB or any other Android-based tablet.

Feature List :

    • Foldable stand with the speaker, charger, battery extender.
    • Bluetooth enabled speaker with NFC (Near Field Communications).
    • 5200 mAh battery extender charges iPad 100%.
    • USB port to charge your tablet directly.
    • MP3 player.
    • Aptlynamed as ROBOTIC FOOTPRINTS as the last used APP keeps track of your last 10 locations where Trans pod was used, in case you misplace it or forget it somewhere.
    • Made from space-age aluminum lightweight and strong.
    • Adjusts to any angle suitable with locking feature.
    • Padding on the stand to keep tablets without friction.
    • Comes in White or Black colors.

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